What have we done?

Tell me true, tell me why was Jesus crucified
Is it for this that daddy died?
Was it you? Was it me?
Did I watch to much T.V.?
Is that a hint of accusation in your eyes?
If it wasn’t for the nips
being so good at building ships
the yards would still be open on the clyde
And it can’t be much fun for them
beneath the rising sun
with all their kids committing suicide
What have we done, Maggie what have we done
What have we done to England
Should we shout, should we scream
“What happened to the post war dream?”
Oh Maggie, Maggie what did we do?

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2 Responses to What have we done?

  1. elafini says:

    τόσο επίκαιρο κι έυστοχο, που ότι κι αν πω φαντάζει περιττό…

  2. Jean - Lyc says:

    Αλλίμονο, ελαφίνι, αλλίμονο!

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